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Earlier today, the Reserve bank of New Zealand had its monthly monetary policy meeting. RBNZ holds the current policies and Official Cash Rate (OCR) to remain at 0.25%. Members also decided to stay LSAP program at NZ $ 100 billion while the Funding-For-Lending (FLP) program remains effective. Like other major central banks, RBNZ members also "agrees to maintain the current stimulating monetary arrangement...

J P Morgan Chase & Co is preparing to report its Q1 earning reports of 2021 on April 14, before the market opens. The information will be for the quarter first ending March 2021. Based on Zacks Investment research and nine analysts, EPS expectation for this quarter is $3.05. In the same quarter last year, EPS has been reported at $0.78. Revenues share is also expecting to increase by 5% to $30.10...

Gold down earlier in Asian season as USD is back on track with higher Treasury yields to 1.698.

Cable back under 1.3750 amid greenback come back from yesterday low, with the raising of U.S. Treasury yields rises to 1.690%. Risk-off mood also benefits the dollar's demand.

U.S. Treasury auctions offering a total of $271 billion of new debt, which with U.S. inflation data of the week, could stop the recent decline in Bond Yields and increase the investors' fear of higher inflation.

Chinese GDP and Inflation data, UK GDP, Euro Zone CPI, and retail sales from the U.S., E.U., and New Zealand will be the most critical data of the week ahead, while the U.S. Q1 earnings season of 2021 also will be started, mostly with Banks from this week. Let's check out the week ahead events with more details.

Boeing share, which closed 0.94% higher last season, today in the premarket lost 2% to trade under $250.

One of the essential pieces of data of the week, which has been published by now, and we are now waiting for that from the U.S.A., is the C.P.I. and PPI data.

Last night FOMC published its meeting minutes and shed more light on FED policy. Ahead of Mr. Powell's speech on IMF virtual meeting, now we know that FED, despite a positive outlook on recovery, still supporting the dovish policy, which is accepted as a supportive comment by market participants.

DE30 printed a new record high earlier today at 15,309 as passing through the third wave of Covid-19, with the more positive sentiment on the vaccination program.

After a significant rise in employment numbers in March, shown in the NFP report of last Friday, today also the ISM survey for March, led the expansion in activity in the services sector, which includes more than two-thirds of U.S. economic activities. The U.S. Services PMI (Mar) published at 60.4, more than 60.0 of expectation and above 59.8 of last month. The Published Job and PMI numbers ahead...

The coming week will start with Easter Holiday in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand and Public Holiday in China, as last week finished with Holiday in most markets worldwide. However, in the remaining days, we have good enough data to take care of and count it as an important week. FED and ECB meeting minutes, RBA interest rate decision, Service PMI, and the fate of Biden's massive infrastructure...

Today is a big day in terms of economic data. On the other hand, last nights' Biden speech boosted the stock market, as investors learned more about the details of a $2 trillion U.S. government spending plan ahead of the NFP data's optimism.

U.S. stock market started trading higher on Wednesday's U.S. season as investors waiting for Biden's speech, especially after feeling a bit more confidant from Laggard’s words.

Earlier published data shows that Chinese Composite, Manufacturing, and None-Manufacturing PMI (Mar) all heading forward and led the numbers much better than expectations, while U.K. GDP for G4 2020 compressed just -7.3%, a bit less than -7.8% of expectation, confirming that British economy on its right foot, getting back to the normal situation.

Today, the USD index kept its uptrend started from January at 90.13 to reach five months high at 93.23. USD gains primarily based on vaccination progress, and plans for more stimulate packages lifted inflation expectations on higher Treasury yields. Last days' worries about the collapse of highly leveraged investment fund Archegos Capital also has been digested.

Gold (XAUUSD) has been extending its yesterday's downtrend and sell-off since the day's early trading hours.

Asian market closed higher, Nikkie225 gained 0.7% in close, Shanghai 0.5%, and Hang Seng was flat, while ASX was down -0.36%.

It is entering the new quarter with Non-Farm Payroll reports and Good Friday. A week full of dither will be with GDP data from the UK and Canada and OPEC report in the middle of the week. Let's check what we have to wait this week, ahead of Good Friday! Do not forget that this Friday is a holiday in Australia and New Zealand, while most European centers will also be closed. In the US, the NYSE is...

Thanks to vaccination programs in the U.S. and recent lockdowns and weakness in the vaccination process in E.U., earlier today, USD touched its four-month high against EUR. USD index currently trading at 92.70, in an unambiguous uptrend by a 0.18% gain so far, seems it is still broadly stronger after a one-week uptrend rally.

Earlier, EZ and members have published the PMI data, ignored by a market participants, as doubts about the Eurozone economic recovery speed overshadow PMI data improvements.

The oil price fell more than 4% today, as concern that a new wave of a pandemic will slow down economic recovery.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Fed chair Powell due to testify today and tomorrow. USD Index ahead of testimony strengthened in early Asian and European season. DXY trading 0.32% higher, above 92.05.

The week ahead will about heavy economic data, especially PMI data. At the same time, PBoC Loan Prime Rate on Monday and SNB Interest Rate Decision on Thursday are the focus banks. This week also will be a virtual meeting of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), which will get the most attention of crypto traders. Let's take a short survey now that we are going to wait for in the coming days....

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) left the interest rate unchanged in the range of 0% to 0.25% and will continue its monthly bond purchase of $120 billion. FED appears they have no plan to hike rates and tight the monetary policy any time soon. Current rates will probably continue through 2023.

US Treasury yield has lifted 1.3 bp to 1.64% from the previous close of 1.617%, while the USVIX index jumped over 24 earlier today, and market participants getting ready for the FOMC announcement. With more increase in Bonds yield, market participants are preparing for a less dovish tone if it is not Hawkish.

Last night American Petroleum Institute report confirmed that the US inventories of US crude oil, gasoline, and distillate stocks fell by 1M comparing with 2.715M of expectations and 12.792M of the week before.

Eurozone ZEW Economic Sentiment for March, raise to 74.0, from previous 69.6, also German ZEW Economic Sentiment for March up to 76.0 from 71.2. Before today's data, Deutsche Bank has slashed 2021 economic growth forecasts for the Eurozone from a November forecast of 5.6% to 4.6%. But for the UK, the projection is 5.7%, up from 4.6% previously (Reuters). For the UK, everything is about an excellent...

Today, FOMC will start its two-day meeting. Tomorrow it will end by announcing the interest rate, monetary policy, and finally, the press conference of Mr. Powell, right after the meeting. Yesterday, published data from China, despite industrial production growth, was not good as market participants expected it. In the US season, the Canadian Housing start and NY Empire State Manufacturing Index were...

Biden finally could make it happen. Both Senate and House confirmed his 1.9T package, with the lowest possible changes. In last weeks market is worry about Bond's Yields, the passage of the latest U.S. stimulus added these fears once again. U.S. 10 Year Treasury Note at 1.627 testing its highest level since Feb. 2020. The good and bad signal at the same time. Good, because it shows the positive sentiment...

The week ahead will be a banking week, where 3 major banks and two emerging economies will have an interest rate decision and Press conference, while RBA will publish its meeting minutes. Let's take a short look at what we are waiting to see this week.

Biden's 1.9T stimulate package after that ECB told it was ready to provide more cash using its 1.8T Euro Pandemic Emergency Purchase Program (PEPP) over coming months to decrease the debt financing costs, both pushed the markets higher at Thursday trading house, which ended with new records high for both S&P and Dow30.

The day started with weaker than expected GDP data in the first trading hours, which sent JPY 30% lower, while Nikkei 225 was indifferent and gained 0.63%. We have to remember that higher rates, which come after more optimism in the markets, still will support the equity prices, especially commodity-based stocks, and Japanese 225 is mostly based on that.

The very volatile week ended with hopes came after US employment improving data, and over the weekend, Biden told that $1,400 payments could start to go out this month. It seems like a new fuel injection to the economy comes across the global economy. Besides that, the OPEC+ meeting which has been held last Thursday, came up with no increase in production and pushed the prices higher. However, there...

Happy women's day, first of all, and let's get to business and see what we have today to focus on and symbols that we need to look more closely! Since it is Monday, I recommend you first read our weekly outlook before starting the week. The weekend was accompanied by the good news for stock markets, as Mr. Biden announces that direct checks will be sent by the end of this month, hoping to get his...

First Friday of month and NFP ahead; besides that, we have a bustling calendar after FED chair Powell’s speech and OPEC+ meeting!

As usual in the UK, yearly budget, each year provided by the Chancellor of the Exchequer - the government's chief finance minister - to MPs in the House of Commons. The budget's most focuses are on the Tax, Government spending money, and forecasts for how the UK economy could perform in the future. However, this year, it followed more closely as the pandemic caused the Worst UK economic slump for 300...

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