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Islamic Accounts or SWAP–free Accounts

Instruction for Switching to Islamic Account

Islamic accounts are special accounts with no SWAPs, which comply with the Sharia law.

Close all open trading positions and orders in your account.

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Distinct features

No swaps

Swap is the cost of transferring the position to the next value date.

Time limit

Trading positions are closed automatically in 14 calendar days after being opened.

What are Islamic accounts?

Islamic accounts are special accounts which have no swap charges when transferring the position to the next session (to the new value date). Taking into account that Sharia law prohibits transactions with specific interest for loans of money, Swap-free or Islamic accounts were developed for traders professing Islam. These accounts provide an opportunity to keep positions open without charging commission (swap) for transferring the position to the next day.

  • No additional charges.
  • Islamic status is assigned to all the clients' accounts at a time: to already opened accounts and all subsequent ones.
  • In case of changing trading account type to Islamic you will not be able to retrieve the non-Islamic account.
  • Company reserves the right to credit/debit SWAP credited to the client's accounts before they became Islamic.
  • In case of improper use of special conditions of Islamic account the company reserves the right to cancel the status of Islamic account and credit/debit SWAP for the corresponding period.