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Business Model


(banks – liquidity providers)



Integration of prices from banks-liquidity providers. Forming streaming quotations from the best Bid and Ask prices

Aggregation of clients' orders of small volume.

Automatic transfer of aggregated and large clients' orders to the interbank market or exchange by DMA/STP model.





Prime Broker

The Business-model of the Company is based on transparent and trustworthy relations with the client. The Company receives quotations from leading banks-liquidity providers in the ECN marketplaces and forms streaming quotations for clients from the best prices. In the trading terminal the client sees and trades with the best bid and ask prices on each financial instrument. As a result clients' orders are performed at the price of the liquidity provider that currently offers the best Buy or Sell prices. Our Prime Broker performs clearing functions (settlement of mutual liabilities) between the Company and Banks – liquidity providers.

You can see the details of our scheme on the page Model of Order Execution.