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Quick Guide for Creating and Trading Synthetic instruments

Synthetic instruments, created through Portfolio Quoting Method (PQM) are realized on trading-analytical platform NetTradeX PC and are considered an efficient tool for financial analysts, managers of mutual and investment funds and traders.
This section will help you understand how to create and start working with these instruments on the platform NetTradeX PC.
Having studied Portfolio Quoting Method and technology of creating synthetic instruments, you will raise the quality of your trading decisions to a new level.

A synthetic instrument, created through Portfolio Quoting Method on NetTradeX terminal is called Personal Composite Instrument (PCI).

  • PCI Creation

    In order to create a new synthetic instrument (hereafter referred to as PCI), right-click on "Market watch" window and select "Create PCI" option from the drop-down menu.

  • Working with PCI Charts

    Through trading-analytical platform NetTradeX you can get deep price history of any of your synthetic instrument, which will be updated in real time mode. Price history can be presented in the form of different chart types (bars, candlesticks and lines) at various time frames. To open a chart of price history of the created synthetic instrument PCI you should:

  • PCI Editing

    To change the created PCI (or see the composition of the previously created PCI), open the "Instrument Browser". To do this, you can use the context menu in the "Market Watch" window or select "Trade -> Instruments" option in the main menu.

  • PCI Trading

    Through PCI creation module you will be able not only to create new instruments and open charts for full-scale technical analysis, but also to trade the PCI, created by yourself.

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